If you want to …

If you want to swim with the dolphins you’re gonna have to get wet. Otherwise you may get thrown in the tank!

By “tank” I mean “think tank”. What’s that term mean anyways? Good question. There’s good think tanks and bad ones. Simplified, it’s anytime I get grilled by some policy board or judged for not doing something the right way. I got the idea after seeing an advertisement for the show Shark Tank and was actually thinking they threw the losers into a tank. Made me laugh when they didn’t do that. I think I’ve seen too much reality TV. But really, it’s the way I feel about life. Also, I always am amused when I hear people use the terms “dolphin” or “shark” in the business environment. But the most infamous “tanks” we have out there are courts and media. And trust me, you don’t want to get thrown in with those fishees now do you? I guess it’s good to think. Just not too much? Who knows. Who cares. Funny quote. Leave it at that.

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