If a tree were to fall…


One of the great philosophical debates: If a tree were to fall in the woods, would it make a sound? At face value I’d have to say, no. Because sound is subjective. Our ears, however, are clearly there (objective) even without the tree and we can visualize a tree falling based on our experience with nature or, at the least, nature shows (e.g. Discovery/Nat. Geo.) or school field trips to Redwood National Forest or something. But I base my argument on the fact that nobody is there to report it so I guess we’ll never know

I got that thought just now based on my experience with blogging. There’s two sides to someone justifying their time spent online blogging (creating content) even if nobody cares. My experience in the big business (real) world of deadlines, office politics, communiqués, canned text, and focus groups is that if you don’t think anyone will read it then it’s a waste of time. Kind of like wondering if a tree is going to fall in the woods at some point in time.

Drawing inspiration from the previous paragraph: What if you posted something on your blog tonight, and approximately fifty years from now it had its first view? That tree just got some pipes now didn’t it?

Photo: Courtesy greenbuzz.net website via bing.com search


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