Odd message in XBOX Music app


Had the filter in my Music app set to A-Z by song. But when set it back to by last downloaded it showed the message below:


Clicked on Match my music


Didn’t get any confirmation. The message went away, on the same machine, after a few minutes. Found this link in my screenshots of the issue in my offline screenshots.



App updates


Was going to check for a YouTube app and found that I had 11 updates available.


Click [tap] the Store tile from the Start Screen.


Check for x Updates (e.g. 11 Updates) in the upper right in green letters.

Afterwards, when it installs [during the install] you see this in the upper right hand side of the Store app’s screen.


Windows Live Writer 2012 command in Internet Explorer 10


  • Dell ST2420L(Digital) monitor
  • NVIDIA Quadro FX 1700 graphics card
  • Internet Explorer 10 desktop app
  • Windows 8 Professional
  • Dell Precision Workstation T7400
  • Xeon processor
  • 64-bit Operating System
  • Windows Live Writer 2012 installed
  • Non-touch device
  • Microsoft keyboard/mouse for input

Found the command Blog This in Windows Live Writer while I was looking at the following article online just now.


Australia shuns Europe-style austerity | DAWN.COM

Nice way to post an article to WordPress if you’re currently viewing an article in Internet Explorer that you want to post online. I’m not sure what Chrome or Firefox has in terms of posting to WordPress from a non-Internet Explorer (non-Microsoft) browser.

Command bar menu


Click on Command bar to place a check box next to the label to indicate the menu is on. This will give you the ability to see the Tools menu above. At the moment, I prefer to enable the Favorites and Command bar in the Internet Explorer 10 (desktop) since I use Favorites bar for pinning my core Favorites. I don’t turn on the Menu bar. Mainly because I like the extra screen real-estate and can press the Alt key on the keyboard to access the menu bar.

Your CPU Resources have been Suspended


Snagged this from my PC yesterday (Ctrl+S*). On Windows 8 Pro if you press the Start key and simply type Resource Monitor, by the time you get out Res you should have it filtered down enough to see it at the top of the search results. Click on it or press the Enter key.

The executable is resmon.exe

I keep Resource Monitor up from time to time. Typically if I see a performance issue, such as a lag or just a complete freeze when I can’t do anything.

Here’s a screenshot of Resource Monitor, pinned to my task bar.


Another tool I use is Process Explorer from Sysinternals, part of Microsoft’s Server and Tools division. Resource Monitor contains some parts from Sysinternals tools such as Process Explorer.

Note how the CPU Resources for LiveComm.exe and Win8keys.exe. Both apps are (codename) Metro, now referred to as Modern applications. These are the apps that are the original built-in tiles. But not all tiles are to Modern apps. Microsoft Office apps on Windows 8 Professional on Intel or AMD (as opposed to RT which is targeting the ARM processor).

Basically, Windows 8 suspends these apps when I’m in Desktop mode.

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