It is easier to…

It is easier to read than it is to feed.

Someone commented recently that it would be helpful if I provided more information in my blog posts. That’s a very fair observation. The only answer that I can give is in what I believe the true definition of what a micro blog is.

Twitter is a meta blog. I sometimes refer to Facebook as a macro blog. But really it has more to do with what they expose in their application programming interfaces (APIs) that in my opinion determine this. So you could assume that Twitter is even a macro blog because it actually gives you an API site. You can find more in Twitter help.

The reason I don’t elaborate on that is because I’m not here to catch anyone person or group’s fishes, if you catch my drift. However, I do use feedback to help me teach others how to fish. For me, on this blog, it’s more news and information that’s important to me but could help others.

In numeric terms, if I need to blog about something over 140 characters (SMS limitation) I use WordPress. But if I can make a simple tweet with a photo that’s under 140 characters (images do take some characters in Twitter) then I’ll post the photo to twitter. This blog is actually in my Twitter tagline/signature, or whatever they call it.

When I say read what I really mean is that this blog is intended as a journal so feel free to read but don’t expect me to [spoon] feed any information or go for any journalism awards or anything. If you’d like to feed then talk to someone one on one [1:1] in person. Or find the nearest restaurant or grocery store or something. Forgive my cynicism. I will work on improving my blogging [writing] skills however to improve my future blog posts.

Ultimately though, it’s more about teaching you to search [or research] either online or in a book. I use Bing for the rewards [points]. Google is better overall in terms of just full text search but Bing has more rich ads and I like their news source features. There’s Yahoo and Blekko that I use for specific [one-off] fact finding expeditions or actual break/fix computer support cases.


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