Top 3 Tech Stocks Are in China


I’ve never worked in a financial position like an accountant for example. So this article is simply a blog post [note] that’s open to anyone who cares to read this. It’s provided “as is” and implies no rights or responsibilities. Just as a disclaimer for other novices.

Found this site while researching current events. Site checks out clean on

Pro – China Business Watch
Top 3 Tech Stocks Are in China

Fidelity is the one I would go with if I ever needed to invest in stocks. The others would be Scottrade, TD Ameritrade, Meryll Lynch, AIG, etc… I’m sure some tailor to special interests or target certain demographics.

Microcap stocks are something I’m planning on looking into versus hedge funds. But I’m a novice on investing so just sharing this for now.

Investing is a tough decision especially if you already have a 401K. My advice is that if you have anything in a fund like that is to talk to your fund manager first. Then talk about stocks, bonds, money markets, etc… Once you get the retirement stuff squared away you may want to just see if you can pay into that and use their funds. That’s at least my first impression from years of setting a 401K up and rolling it over, then parking, then rolling…. The Roth IRA is the preferred supplement though. If that’s the appropriate term.

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