Tech Thoughts Daily Net News – June 18, 2013

Bill Mullins' Weblog - Tech Thoughts

Whistleblower Snowden Rails Against ‘Litany of Lies’ from US Leaders – NSA whistleblower Edward Snowden answered a wide range of questions during a live chat today on the Guardian UK newspaper website. Snowden said a “continuing litany of lies” from senior U.S. leaders prompted his public uncovering of widespread surveillance of Americans’ phone calls and alleged data sharing between large technology companies and the government.

Obama: NSA spying doesn’t mean ‘abandoning freedom’ – In an interview with Charlie Rose, the president maintains that the top-secret NSA spying programs were within the bounds of the law and were intended to protect U.S. citizens.

The NSA’s Surveillance Will Devastate Commerce – What foreign government, agency, or corporation in its right mind would buy Microsoft Office 360, for instance, if it suspects that every memo written will float up to the Microsoft/NSA cloud to be scrutinized by some “analyst” for unknown reasons. And…

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