IE crashing on site

Tried to hit this site just now:



Internet Explorer crashed. That’s the technical explanation. But In laymen’s terms Internet Explorer hit a piece of code it didn’t like and threw an exception of some kind and Internet Explorer caught it and the Windows 8 error reporting or WER (Windows Error Reporting) took over and threw up the message:

Error message:

Internet Explorer

Internet Explorer has stopped working.

A problem caused the program to stop working correctly. Windows will close the program and notify you if a solution is available.

Debug and Close program buttons appear at the bottom of the message box.

Thankfully when I clicked on Close program it refreshed the page and all is well.

Event Viewer

Checked the MMC snap-in Event Viewer that I’ve pinned to my taskbar.

Application Log
Windows Error Reporting information event ID 1001


The primary application, obviously is Internet Explorer. But I haven’t seen this nvwgf2um.dll file before.


Searched on this file using Bing and found these:

Not much. So I searched my hard drive by opening Windows Explorer (File Explorer), selected the Local Disk (C) drive, and in the box on the upper right typed pasted nvwgf2um.dll

Windows Explorer

Waited about a minute… Had to expand the file path column:


Finally finished:




File description: NVIDIA D3D10 Driver, Version 311.50

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