[MSFT] Case Study on Acer on the “Why Microsoft” website

Microsoft case study. I put the stock symbol for Microsoft [MSFT] in the title to highlight this is a bias study, in the fact that they [Microsoft] conducted the study or hired someone to conduct it and frame on their Why Microsoft site. Which is fine as long as you mention that to prospective customers. I’ve never held a sales position at the computer or business level so I’m simply letting you know it’s not like a Gartner Group research study or something like that.

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Case Study: Acer

Dell, Google, Yahoo, etc… even Acer probably all have their own case studies. Another would possibly be Amazon since they’re heavily into software as an infrastructure (IaaS) and software as a service (SaaS). Similar to Office 365 and Windows [and SQL] Azure.


Windows 8.1 will upgrade Internet Explorer to 11

India Times
At a Glance: Changes Coming with Windows 8.1 | PC & Laptop | www.indiatimes.com

Caught this in a Bing search for Windows 8.1:

“_ Internet Explorer 11, the next generation of Microsoft’s Web browser, will come with Windows 8.1.”

For more information, check out the following Microsoft blog post.

Blogging Windows
Continuing the Windows 8 vision with Windows 8.1

Outlook 2013 RT

Technology news related to electronic mail on ARM [chip] touch devices.

[MSFT] Office News
Outlook 2013 RT Coming to Windows RT Tablets as part of Windows 8.1 Update

Applies mainly to the touch devices. Those being the [Microsoft] proprietary Surface RT (not Surface Pro) or [3rd party] ARM devices running Windows RT.

Surface Pro (AMD/Intel) should [in theory] allow it. Haven’t checked to see if it’s free or there’s a cost.

On my Dell desktop at home running Windows 8 Professional, even with OneNote 2013 RT installed, I can still use the legacy OneNote 2013 [desktop] version installed with the Click to Run digital distribution of Microsoft Office 2013 via Office 365 Home Premium.

The biggest advantage to having an Outlook 2013 RT will be more intuitive, modern, touch user interface.

Good news for Outlook users with touch devices, such as tablets running Windows 8. I’m not sure about modern MS Office for Mac equivalent for iPads. They do have a Mac version of Office but I’m not sure about the metro UI.