Why Use an Ad Blocker?


Windows 10 64-bit version 1903

Dell Precision T7500, Xeon E5620 CPU, 48.0 GB DDR3 1066 MHz RAM

NVIDIA Quadro 600 GPU




Microsoft Edge 44.18362.329.0

Microsoft EdgeHTML 18.18362

w/o AdBlock


AdBlock Enabled


Similar result occurs in Google Chrome, the CPU goes from around 8% to 40% on just that one tab in Edge. Ads update every 60 seconds on the page which is when the CPU jumps up to around 40% CPU for just that page. The memory eventually got up to 1,350 MB for that same tab. The CPU goes down when you move to a different tab or to another application.

The one catch to using AdBlock is that some sites may not work or may not allow you to use an ad blocker on their site. The good thing is that AdBlock allows you to disable a link for just that page or the entire site. They also have a version of AdBlock for Chrome.

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