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Came across this classic movie. A film, if you were, on YouTube. Drew Barrymore, Heather Locklear, and some other guy who was on Law and Order SVU or something a several years, or eons ago. But I digress of course…

Good viewing quality for a movie from 1984 posted on a [free] streaming video site. On channel 9 TV, out of the Twin Cities, back in the 80’s they’d show stuff like this all the time. And Night Owl Theater. I mean forget about it. Such an umbrella name. Good luck finding any of those online. Everything I’ve searched for is based on other cities and not the old, independent KMSP after they were a DuMont affiliate. and music discovery services

image loaded in Internet Explorer 10 (desktop) on Windows 8 Professional computer

Stumbled upon this site: – Listen to free music with internet radio and the largest music catalogue online

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High disk activity suspected in Music app playback skipping

Resource Monitor

The song I was just listening to started skipping and I don’t know exactly why. Just that the only thing in Resource Monitor that I could find is a spike like the ones above. Particularly the second highest spike in disk activity.

If it’s disk activity then it would be either:

  • Samsung hard drive
  • External Maxtor USB drive

I always suspect the external to be the bottleneck based on previous experiences with performance lags on Windows 8.


Close all apps. If that doesn’t work, try logging off [Windows] by going to Start and clicking on your name on the upper right, then click Sign out:

Press the Start key on the keyboard, swipe from the right [if you’re on a tablet], or


Click Sign out to log off your user account. This will terminate the current user session and start you off with a clean slate in terms of what Windows loads from the user profile when you login. It saves a reboot and thus less wear and tear on moving parts like hard disks if you don’t have a solid state drive (SSD).

  • Close apps
  • Log off
  • Reboot
  • Shut down

If I really want to go the extra mile I’ll disconnect the drive and test. But it probably won’t get to that. The drive, I believe, is USB 2.0. Will need to verify that later.

Root Cause


Ran into the issue again today and noticed the song is still downloading. I’m not sure if the song yesterday was having the same problem.


Receive/Transmit appears fine for a 10MB Ethernet connection. The bottleneck is in the cross connect cable from the computer’s NIC to the DSL Actiontec modem

WWAHost.exe is the process I check under the Overview tab in Resource Monitor.


When I check that I’ll also get another process in the Network tab that I’ll check called BackgroundTransferHost.exe.


Don’t think it’s a network issue on my end since regular internet is working and the TCP Connections and Network counters appear normal (above). It’s either with the ISP and/or XBOX in the cloud.

The only thing I could see Windows developers do to remedy situations like this would be to better buffer the packets as they come down. But in this case it’s just easier to play another song and wait for the song to download. In this case, I waited until the download box disappeared. Then it played fine without skipping.


Wait for song to download. You can play another song in the meantime. Once the download box disappears go back to the song exhibiting the problem earlier and play.

The My Music section of XBOX Music on Windows 8.0

Music app tile on the Windows 8 Start screen. Live tile is off.

There’s an interesting command I discovered several weeks ago that exposed an even more interesting and previously unused feature of the [XBOX] Music app on Windows 8. In this post, all the screenshots were taken either with the print screen key [Prt Scn] or the Start + S combo [OneNote required] to get those tight lasso shots like this next photo below.

Collapse icon

There’s this little hyphen icon in the lower right portion of the screen in the Music app:

Mouse pointer needs to be moved to this portion of the screen to activate and display
The my music section of the Music app on Windows 8.0
Arranged by Genre
Date added is default
The arranged by drop down box in-line with the little carrot pointing downward

This is the easiest, best way to get that same record store style experience. Especially with the new touch devices. Even on a non-touch PC like my Dell it’s a nice feature. In some cases, preferable to the built-in search that you get in all metro or modern apps in Windows 8. You just type and the search kicks in. When finished typing you just hit enter. You also get that same integrated search functionality from the Start screen and you can choose which app to use to search from. For example, the Bing app.

Bing app in Windows 8

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Error playing Windows Media Video files in the “Video” app


Can’t play.

Can’t play. Make sure your computer’s sound and video cards are working and have the latest drivers, then try again.

More info

Tell Microsoft more about this problem

0xc00d11d1 (0xc00d11d1)



Received the [above] error attempting to play a video on my [non-touch] Windows 8 Professional box at home (Dell Precision Workstation T7400) using the Video app from the Start menu as shown here in figure 1.

Figure 1

The actual type of file that throws the error is a Windows Media Audio/Video file (.wmv).

Zune is also installed on the system.

Plays fine in the Windows Media Player [desktop] app.

Link to the more info text in the error below:

Hardware & drivers – Microsoft Windows Help

Status of this issue is ongoing. To this point, I’ve only seen it on this one T7400 box. I’ll post back with any progress updates if I find solution. Drivers have been updated.

Comedy: Anchovy Pork Balls, Poisoned Turkeys, and the “Love Canal”

Funny Thanksgiving episode to watch during holiday time with family or friends.

In this Thanksgiving episode from a classic 1980s sitcom about two single moms trying to cope with raising their kids in NYC, Allie makes her infamous Anchovy Pork Balls, before poisoning the turkey, then sending it off to the love canal.

Kate & Allie” Thanksgiving (TV episode 1985) – IMDb

Although I wouldn’t personally go out and buy the whole DVD (up to you), you could search Bing or Google for the the title of the show [Kate & Allie] and Thanksgiving.


Method Acting and Improvisation


NBC’s “Not Ready For Primetime Players” after Chevy departed the show in [Fall] 1976
Photo: Courtesy Pinterest

One of the better television shows in the 1970s, in my opinion anyways, was Saturday Night Live. Especially when you consider it’s longevity and integrity over the years. Most, would argue that after 1975 it was really SCTV (‘77) in terms of the packaged [syndicated] comedic product. But for SNL, in regards to improvisation and method acting, it was more the ladies than the gentlemen, all of whom would not star on the big screen like their male counterparts (e.g. Belushi, Morris, Ackroyd, Murray, Martin, Kaufman). As some may recall, Steve Martin and Andy Kaufman weren’t even in the case named the Not Ready for Primetime Players. A play on words from a Howard Cosell network political roundtable experiment gone horribly wrong. Or at least it appears so, anyways.

Now it’s just what I’d call a lunchbox. Five years of work, boxed, syndicated, and available for DVD. But for historical purposes there’s still really good episodes, depending on your style preference, that still shine through regardless of who was on or what week they seemed to really like Buck Henry or Elliot Gould. Still a mystery… Unless you really liked M*A*S*H. And I mean, really liked it. Enough to remember to add the asterisks in between each word, bad.

Here’s a photo of the the three original female cast members of NBC’s Saturday Night, later redubbed Saturday Night Live the the network in spring of ‘77. I have no clue what year this was from but the Price is Right contestant [in me] would guess very late ‘74.

Jane CurtainLaraine Newman, and Gilda Radner

Jane Curtain, Laraine Newman, and Gilda Radner

When it was organ-twisting funny. Not as funny as NatLamp Radio Hour, of course, but very close.
Photo: Courtesy of Tumblr blog “Out of My Mind”

Barbara Walter’s give cooking lessons from Iceland. Method acting [and Chico] have been berry berry good to Hane through the years. Sad thing is that joke isn’t acceptable on TV anymore. Well, unless Garrett’s underwriting it or something. For now, let’s just watch the original’s on DVD. Shall we.

Good afternoon and have a pleasant evening.


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