C++ win32 winapi LVM_FINDITEM or ListView_FindItem returns -1 unexpectedly

If you can’t get LVM_FINDITEM to work and your project is unicode make sure that you are passing the tagLVFINDINFOW struct (unicode) and not the tagLVFINDINFOA struct (ANSI).
Working code snippet…
int findhit = 0;
lvMeta.flags = LVFI_STRING;
lvMeta.psz = L"10"; // search the first column for the number 10
findhit = SendMessage(lstGrid, LVM_FINDITEM, -1, (LPARAM)&lvMeta);

Poor Reaction to Affleck: He-Nerd Rage

First thing I thought of was Daredevil. Thankfully someone else caught it as well. Michael Keaton however, was the first. Also, he was in Night Shift. If you can’t appreciate that film. Well, then don’t ever travel to New York City because them “Love Brokers” will say “…you’re over the rainbow pal”, as Henry Winkler uttered after Keaton says “you and me buddy”. Anywho…nice catch on the Daredevil film. Saw it in the theater and still want my money back.

Reasonable Conversation

ben-affleck-batman-tai-urban_wenn20441205__oPtWow. Been asked three times today what I think about Ben Affleck cast as Batman, once by a person I don’t know and who isn’t a reader. Hate to pass the buck, but with the exception of his dislike of Man of Steel that seems to increase over time (I still like it on the whole), I’d have to say that MovieBob pretty much nails it.

Yes, he’s been in some goofy movies, and yes he’s not as talented as Matt Damon (who probably wouldn’t be right for the role), but he’s a solid actor with a love of comics, two Academy Awards, who has played a range of different parts with depth and aplomb. Sure, his last attempt at a comic movie, Daredevil, sucked, but it wasn’t because of something he did. It was a poorly written movie where the hero was heroic because stories have protagonists…

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Gettysburg: Wanted, A Man to Match Robert E. Lee


Abraham Lincoln was, on balance, an astute judge of character, but now and then he made a mistake. Unfortunately, during the months that led to Gettysburg, those mistakes involved the commanders of the Army of the Potomac. Everyone remarked on what a splendid army it was, well drilled and copiously supplied, yet no one could lead it to a decisive victory. Now it was summer 1863, and Lee’s rebels were once again marching northward through the picturesque valleys of western Maryland toward Pennsylvania. Lincoln could not afford another mistake.

Ambrose Burnside had been a doozy. What was it about the Rhode Island inventor with the splendidly feline whiskers? Perhaps it was his winning, and entirely justified, modesty that appealed to Lincoln during the summer and fall of 1862, when the President was besieged by regiments of self-promoters. Burnside had, in the early days of the Civil War, a neat…

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