Windows 8.1 will upgrade Internet Explorer to 11

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At a Glance: Changes Coming with Windows 8.1 | PC & Laptop |

Caught this in a Bing search for Windows 8.1:

“_ Internet Explorer 11, the next generation of Microsoft’s Web browser, will come with Windows 8.1.”

For more information, check out the following Microsoft blog post.

Blogging Windows
Continuing the Windows 8 vision with Windows 8.1

Error playing Windows Media Video files in the “Video” app


Can’t play.

Can’t play. Make sure your computer’s sound and video cards are working and have the latest drivers, then try again.

More info

Tell Microsoft more about this problem

0xc00d11d1 (0xc00d11d1)



Received the [above] error attempting to play a video on my [non-touch] Windows 8 Professional box at home (Dell Precision Workstation T7400) using the Video app from the Start menu as shown here in figure 1.

Figure 1

The actual type of file that throws the error is a Windows Media Audio/Video file (.wmv).

Zune is also installed on the system.

Plays fine in the Windows Media Player [desktop] app.

Link to the more info text in the error below:

Hardware & drivers – Microsoft Windows Help

Status of this issue is ongoing. To this point, I’ve only seen it on this one T7400 box. I’ll post back with any progress updates if I find solution. Drivers have been updated.

Touch device tips

File Explorer

The screenshot below [figure 1] is from a free metro app I installed a while back called Metro Commander.

Figure 1

Good app compared to the Desktop app. You need to download it from the web using the Store app [figure 2].

Figure 2

The app is a metro or Modern UI app so it runs in what I like to call native mode that some may call metro or modern. UI stands for user interface. The screenshots are from my desktop that I’m typing from this very moment. It should be more touch intuitive, if you will, than File Explorer that you would use to explore the file system in the legacy Desktop mode.

Start menu

Swipe [gesture] from the right to get the Charms menu then tap the Start button [figure 3]. Tapping on this button will get you to the Start menu or as I sometimes call it the Start screen.

Figure 3

Screenshot accelerator keystroke for non-touch [keyboard] workstation PCs

Start key + PrtScn | SysRq key on the keyboard.

Press and hold the Start key on the keyboard. Then, press the PrtScn key. That’s the key with SysRq under it. The screen should flash (ghost). Release both keys. You can then Ctrl+V (paste) into your target application (document).

Device Manager
Devices by connection
On-Screen Keyboard

You can still use Alt+PrtScn to snag the selected window or just plain hit PrtScn to get the entire screen copied to the clipboard.

You can get to the On-Screen Keyboard simply by going to the Start screen and typing On-S and it should populate, then hit the Enter key.

Start screen search results

You can right-click that and pin it to the Start menu or Task Bar if you’d like a shortcut either in Desktop or Modern [metro] mode.

Outlook Perspectives


Outlook Favorites is probably the most useful feature I’ve found in Outlook especially if you have multiple accounts and a lot of rules. And I mean A LOT of rules. I have so many rules I don’t know how many, don’t know how to count them, and don’t care. Mainly because of my use of Search folders, also critical for my email survival, if you will.

The nice thing is that you can add/delete them pretty easily. I’ll address how to add them later in this post but for now, here’s how you delete Favorites in Outlook:


Clicking on Remove from Favorites takes it off the Favorites sub-pane but you’ll still have the folder. So it’s just a place for shortcuts, basically.

The last rule, I just recently created, is one called Important Mail, shown here:


***IMPORTANT***: Do NOT use outlook.exe /cleanrules until you export your rules. I’m not sure if the 2013 version of Outlook handles any kind of auto-backup of rules but from my experience it’s important. Especially when it’s a common troubleshooting step used in your organization. Basically, if you use Outlook at work, back ‘em up! But it’s good to backup rules anytime, for obvious (backup) reasons (backup).

Click on the Manage Rules & Alerts… command found under the Rules sub-menu under the Home tab


In the Rules and Alerts dialog box click Options:


Click Export Rules…


Name it the default, just for a test run:


Save in the default location


Now that the rules are backed up, put that feather in your cap for when someone asks you to do /cleanrules. Just in case you forget to back them up, you should have that there for risk management purposes.

Now that Rules backup is out of the way, it’s pretty simple to create the Search folder I added to Favorites:

Under the Folder tab click New Search Folder:


Click on Important Mail and click the OK button


You should now have it under Search Folders in the left pane:


Drag that up into the Favorites section of the left navigation pane by clicking on Important Mail and dragging it up to the Favorites area until you get it in between [the folders] where you need it to go:


Once you have it there then release the left mouse button (primary button for you lefties out there).

For more information on Outlook favorites, rules, and search folders look it up in Outlook Help by pressing F1 or clicking on the question mark in the upper right:


Meaning of rel tags. Which rel tag to use when? | Review Of Web

Found this article

Meaning of rel tags. Which rel tag to use when? | Review Of Web

Searching for information on what a rel tag is. I was curious after finding this feature in the Hyperlink dialog you can access simply by highlighting a piece of text [range] and clicking Hyperlink…


Under the Title field is the Rel field:


Just thought I’d share.

Connecting a Surface Pro tablet to an LED TV


Photo of my LG 47LV5500 taken in my apartment back on Saturday, ‎May ‎11, ‎2013 at 7:44pm [CST].



Searching for how to set this up. I think there’s either an article on this but for now I found this on Microsoft Answers forum on their website.

can i connect my HD TV to a surface tablet – Microsoft Community

Has some links. Will need to research this further and update this post when I have something solid to report.

Right now, all I have found is the landing page for Windows Media Center.