Embedded Tweet Example

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New Page feature in Windows Live Writer


Didn’t notice this command even existed until now:

New Page

Create a new page

Appears to be a parent container to group multiple blog posts to roll up or bucketize, if you will, a group of blog posts.

The New post command is what I normally use. Never used New page before.

Meaning of rel tags. Which rel tag to use when? | Review Of Web

Found this article

Meaning of rel tags. Which rel tag to use when? | Review Of Web

Searching for information on what a rel tag is. I was curious after finding this feature in the Hyperlink dialog you can access simply by highlighting a piece of text [range] and clicking Hyperlink…


Under the Title field is the Rel field:


Just thought I’d share.

Toolbar command for Live Writer integration with Internet Explorer


Blog This is the command. Didn’t realize there was a toolbar command for the Blog this in Windows Live Writer command I wrote about earlier.


In my case I have the Command bar turned on under the Tools menu.


Tools menu also has command. You can enable the Command bar by right-clicking on the Internet Explorer toolbar area on the top of the application’s title bar.


Command bar check box.