Compatibility View in Internet Explorer required for on-click photos on Fargo Flood webpage

I went to a site just now to look at Fargo Flood¬†photos, (one month) before and after. It has a neat little feature to click on a particular photo from a month ago and it gives you an update pic what it looks like today, flooded. So I opened this site in IE, that’s Internet Explorer for those who don’t know what IE means. It was on my Windows 8 PC at home. When I opened it and clicked on the photo, nothing happened. It’s supposed to change to the current, present day, photo.

First thing I did was add the site to Trusted Sites in Internet Options, accessible by the gear icon in the upper right. Under the Security tab clicked on Trusted Sites, Sites, Add, Close, OK.

Same problem. So then I noticed the little icon of a broken piece of paper in the address bar. So I clicked on that and now it works.

Try for yourself: Click on

Verify the page opens in Internet Explorer. If you use Chrome, Firefox, or Safari copy the link into IE and press Enter.

Try clicking on one of the photos. For me, nothing was happening, they should change/morph into the present day pic.

Click on the broken page icon


Blue icon indicates the site is now running in Compatibility View:


Now try clicking on one of those photos.

I did this on Internet Explorer 10 on Windows 8 64-bit using the desktop version of Internet Explorer, not the Modern interface version of IE.