Your update is ready to be installed

wp_ss_20130513_0001Got prompted for the new Windows Phone 8 update on my HTC 8x about half an hour ago and figured I’d blog about it since I haven’t gotten many screenshots from both my phone’s built-in screenshot abilities (Start+Camera button) and taken from another external camera from outside the phone of the physical screen, since [I don’t think] I can’t take screenshots while it’s booting up.

I tapped Install on the screen above to kick off the update. It (the phone) said goodbye to me (powered off) and rebooted automatically to the sight of two gears dancing (animated) in sync with each other.

Tapped install (in above pic) and got the gears…


The gears are supposed to be telling me it’s updating (patching) and changing stuff??? Educated guess. Gears run for about 5 min, until it….

Powers offIMG_1063[1]hey that’s me!

Canon PowerShot SD1000 in the reflection…

Here we are booting up


…past the first HTC welcome BIOS screen into the next splash screen


Windows Phone blue splash screen


Forgive the linear cavalcade of pics, I should organize them into a table if it permits. Use the mouse scroll wheel if you have one to navigate downward…


Took a break, came back in five minutes…


Your update is all done!

Update completed!

Tapped done which brought me to Start screen on the phone.


Swiped left and typed s for Settings and tapped it.


Tap about


wp_ss_20130513_0007 - Copy

So here’s what I’m now at on my phone for details on the software (OS) side…

OS version: 8.0.10211.204