Don’t Judge!!! Except when…

You don’t want to judge anyone or anything on a personal level but on a professional level I’d say “Yes, do judge!” Because money’s involved and there’s always a marketing angle (gimmick) attached. You don’t want to judge someone individually or a companies philosophies. But when it comes to an ad campaign. Oh heck yes! Please judge.

That’s the one reason I don’t care much for personal opinions in ads or suggestive content. Not that I won’t like what perceive (think) they’re suggesting, just that someone else might not. That’s all.

The first thing I ask myself when (I suspect) someone tries to sell me something looks or sounds to me like a gimmick is “is there money involved here?” and what I always tell myself (if I’m lucky) is “there usually is”.

Does that give me the right to judge someone prior to further investigation (vetting)? No, just be skeptical.

A good example, in my opinion of course, are the use of tattoos (body art) in society today. I honestly can no longer tell if someone gets one (tattoo) because they’re simply expressing themselves, communicating a belief, or exploiting themselves. But that would be judging them. Right? Yes, unless they try to sell me something… Then I start eyeballing (judging) and analyzing┬átheir artwork.

Don’t get me wrong though, there’s some tattoos that are just cool artwork. I don’t have them but the more cool ones I see, the more I want one… Just hope I don’t whore (exploit) myself out after I do. Not judging there (am I?), just expressing an opinion about two separate things that every once in a while seem to collide. (art/money)