Error playing Windows Media Video files in the “Video” app


Can’t play.

Can’t play. Make sure your computer’s sound and video cards are working and have the latest drivers, then try again.

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0xc00d11d1 (0xc00d11d1)



Received the [above] error attempting to play a video on my [non-touch] Windows 8 Professional box at home (Dell Precision Workstation T7400) using the Video app from the Start menu as shown here in figure 1.

Figure 1

The actual type of file that throws the error is a Windows Media Audio/Video file (.wmv).

Zune is also installed on the system.

Plays fine in the Windows Media Player [desktop] app.

Link to the more info text in the error below:

Hardware & drivers – Microsoft Windows Help

Status of this issue is ongoing. To this point, I’ve only seen it on this one T7400 box. I’ll post back with any progress updates if I find solution. Drivers have been updated.

App updates


Was going to check for a YouTube app and found that I had 11 updates available.


Click [tap] the Store tile from the Start Screen.


Check for x Updates (e.g. 11 Updates) in the upper right in green letters.

Afterwards, when it installs [during the install] you see this in the upper right hand side of the Store app’s screen.