Changing WordPress theme

Changed my WordPress theme for the first time earlier today in my profile settings.

  1. Go to In your case it’ll be your WordPress username for the subdomain
  2. Click on your name in the upper left
  3. Dashboard
  4. On the right click Select your theme.
  5. That takes me to my Manage Themes page.
  6. You can repeat these steps yourself. Just replace aprykhus with your wordpress username in the URL in the web browser’s address bar.

WordPress Themes for Blogs at

Open link in new window

Edit Hyperlink dialog box of an image inside a Windows Live Writer [2012] post. Check box is off by default on all pasted [inserted] images.

I just had an odd but old, familiar occurrence. The image on my blog post on my WordPress blog failed to load. There was just a solid gray box in it’s place with an X, if I recall correctly, in the upper left corner of the image placeholder in the webpage.

Since I just posted the first original version of that particular blog post I remembered one thing I did differently. I right-clicked on the image, clicked the Hyperlink… command:


Then checked Open link in new window:



Clear the check box Open link in new window for that particular image in the Edit Hyperlink dialog box and click Publish to update the version on the WordPress [blogging] server.